Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Back to Rhode Island from Washington D.C

As I said in my previous posting we went to the Washington D.C and Baltimore for this Christmas break. And now we are back to Rhode Island. Oh!! We had so much fun over there. It took us 6 hours to get to Baltimore. We celebrate the Christmas Eve with my Fiancé’s best friend Saroj. We had a good time over there. And in the Christmas Day we went to Washington D.C to meet my cousins. At my cousins house they had a “Momo party” in the evening. There were about 25 people and we got opportunity to meet everyone of them.

Basically my trip was a lot of fun. Now New Year is coming up!! So far I do not have any plan for it. But definitely I will let you know what’s my plan going to be for the New Year. Meanwhile I will try to finish my paper and study, which is due next week.

Today , I have checked everyone’s blog, and most of them are updated, so I knew what’s going on with them but my brother and sister-in-law haven’t updated anything, and it seems like they are lost in Barcelona (Spain) during this break. I haven’t talked with them almost a week. Hopefully I don’t have to publish in the news that “Pradeep and Sirjana are lost in Barcelona (Spain)” and offer reward to someone for their tip:):):).

Oh!! Well, that’s all basically. Will definitely update you all soon.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Holidays Plan!!!

We have two weeks of break from our college and few days off from my work. It feels great to have holidays. Two days ago one of my Nepalese friends had to go the Roger Williams Medical Center emergency room here at Providence. I had to stay overnight at the hospital to take care of her. Now she is discharged and doing fine at home.

During this break we are planning to go to Washington DC and we have rented car from enterprise for four days. I hope we will have good time at Washington DC and I will update on that once we come back from the trip. During this holiday’s season, I am getting enough time for other activities than usual.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Today is awesome day!!!!!!

I went to work early in the morning at 5 AM and came home around 12:30 PM. I have to study a lot in this break because I have to do three projects, which are due right after the break. Then I reviewed my book and I logged on Yahoo Messenger and SKYPE. Guess what?? My Sister-In-Law was there and we chatted for a while. I love her and miss her so much. Although we talked each other almost everyday, we haven’t seen each other almost five months. And other thing is “SKYPE” makes our life easier. You know why it’s free and it’s so clear to talk. So basically we use SKYPE to talk each other.

This evening I am planning to study “The culting of Brands”, so that I can start to write a paper. That’s all basically my activities so far for the day…will definitely update you tomorrow more!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Christmas Shopping

By starting my day, by reading the news online I ended up seeing bad news in my own country and thinking where we all Nepalese can fight for JUSTICE. Sometime it’s really frustrating to see poor Nepalese innocent people losing their lives.

According to kantipur news,
“KATHMANDU, Dec 15 - At least 11 people were killed in army firing at Chundevi temple in Nagarkot, eastern outskirts of Kathmandu around 11:30 pm Wednesday night. The Royal Nepalese Army (RNA) confirmed the incident Thursday morning and said that details were still awaited. "The incident is very unfortunate," an RNA official told Kantipur Online.
"Casualties have been reported but we don't know the exact numbers yet," he added. Meanwhile, state-owned radio Nepal quoting RNA spokesman Umesh Bhattarai this morning confirmed the incident. "We are investigating the Nagarkot incident and will let the public know about it," the Radio Nepal quoted Bhattarai as saying. “

Oh!! Well, hopefully we all can bring “PEACE” to our country. Anyway, other than that bad news I am going to have good news too. My parents were not here (USA) in my engagement ceremony, you all know about that from my previous posting. Today my parents got the DVD and some pictures of my engagement that we sent from here. They were so proud of me by seeing that engagement ceremony on DVD and pictures. It took almost 13 days for the package to reach back home from here.

In the afternoon my fiancé and I went to Warwick mall to do some Christmas shopping. Although, we didn’t buy that much, we both enjoyed checking items in the different stores. And found out some of the items that I was looking for were not at the store but were available online. Then I found out, it was cheaper online than buying from the store at the mall. Even after I calculated the shipping and handling charges I found them cheaper online than buying at the store . So I decided to buy from online. From this experience, I figured out the importance of “Marketing”. By majoring marketing and management in my undergrad and again now concentrating on marketing in my MBA, It makes sense to me. People need to make some money in the holiday seasons. When you were in the rush or if you needed that item very badly, nobody cares where it’s cheaper…online or at the stores. People ended up buying whatever and wherever they see the products.

Oh!! Christmas time, I wish we were always going to have a Christmas because you don’t want to leave from mall. It was as always very crowded and you can see all the new items, people taking pictures with Santa and wrapping gifts. We even don’t know how many miles we walked in the mall but we definitely know after we get back home because we were tired of walking.

After I got home, I watched TV little while and as always I am now hunting some jobs online.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Today is the coldest day …it’s freezing

Well, by saying it’s cold out there, you can’t even imagine how cold it is. I had a class this evening and after I get out from my class, I had to stay in my car for at least 10 min because of cold. We get out so early from the class because our Prof. wants us to have a Christmas shopping, that means we are lucky otherwise our class runs until 10pm and today is the last day of my class before break and guess what? it’s time for Christmas and New Years BREAK. My class is not going to start until Jan 3rd 2006, which is going to be next year 2006:):) so I am going to have 2 weeks break from my school. What a relief!!! Poor me all the time being in school, I need this break so badly…don’t ask me why though:):).

This afternoon me and my fiancé had lunch at Vietnamese restaurant, food was good and we both enjoyed the lunch over there.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Got Engaged On “Thanksgiving Day” Nov 24th, 2005

Well, you all must be wondering where Pushpa been hiding. As you know I haven’t been able to update my blog since Nov 3rd. I was for the preparation of final exams and my engagement.

For engagement, we went to Texas and we got engaged on Thursday, Nov 24th in Thanksgiving Day. The engagement ceremony was awesome and we had more than 20 guests in that ceremony. It was such a special moment, when he put the engagement ring in my finger and both of us were really happy at that moment and we committed to each other for the rest of the life. We have not decided the wedding date yet but it will be decided soon.

Our parents, brother and sister-in-law could not make it to our engagement but Narayan dai came in from Virginia and also other cousins and friends. We really missed our parents at that moment and we wish they were with us to give us blessing. We hope everyone would be able to join us in our wedding.