Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Day!!

It's a Halloween Day!! Hope nobody is going to be scared while reading my blog:):). Oh!! well my friend decorated my face this morning at my work...guess what? Spider in my right cheek. Today lots of things are going on in my mind. Well, In USA it's Halloween, and back home it's a "Laxmi Puja". I am missing to celeberate the Laxmi Puja with my Mom. Laxmi puja is like christmas here celebrating with lots of lights everywhere.

Anyway, beside that i cleaned my room and took a nap for a while. When i woke up Yogya (my close friend)was preparing dinner for me!! it was delicious:):) then tonight at 10:00pm we are going to see the Halloween Party infront of my house.

Pop you things again tomorrow.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

My First Blog

Hello All,
This is my first writing of this blog and I am really excited to post my experiences and activities in this blog as often as possible. When my brother shared me his blogger's url, i find it very interesting. Hope mine's going to be interesting too :):).Thank you for viewing my blog..