Thursday, November 03, 2005

Today is “Bhai Tika”…In other words “Brother and Sister” festival

Basically what’s “Bhai Tika” means, According to "Sisters worship God Yamaraj on this day praying for long life, good health and well being of their brothers, put tika on the forehead, garlands around their neck and offer sweet and other traditional dishes on the occasion. Similarly, brothers also put garlands and tika to their sisters, offer money and pray for their long and happy life".

In this “Bhai Tika” I missed to put Tika to my brother because he is in Spain and I am in America. But what can we do…being far from family members we always missed our festival.

Seems like it’s going to be another busy day for me. Although, today is my day off from the work, I got up so early, I meant around 8:00am…but sounds like late isn’t it? For me morning is my good sleep. If I don’t have to do anything in the early morning or don’t have to go to work I love to sleep in the morning. Anyway, after that I checked my email and posted my resume to a different company. Hoping to get a real job soon!!! Sometimes it makes me so frustrated because I still haven’t get a real life job experience yet. Just don’t understand because of Job market or just because of my lack of experience. Hope God is going to favor me!!!!

I had a meeting at 4:00pm-5:45pm, hoping to be done with most of the part of our research but it’s always seems like we are going to take another day to finish before the presentation is due. Well then I headed to the class at 6:00pm.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Nov 1st …..Can’t believe its 72 degrees!!

As I said my last post that I am going to pop you again!! And here I am writing the blog. What a wonderful day we had yesterday, although I didn’t go outside and enjoy the sun but Sunny and clear sky makes me always happy besides raining. Oh!!well, yesterday my day was so busy, as usual went to work and came home after that we had a group meeting at 4:00-5:45pm for my Service marketing class. Meeting went well. At 6:00pm, I went to class. As usual we had a presentation and lecture. Some reason yesterday I fall sleep in the middle of the Lecture. This is bad for MBA students. Now as you know how smart I am being in a classroom. Came home celebrate the Laxmi Puja at my apt at 11:00pm. After that i reviewed the case for Thursday class. And felt being lazy and didn’t concentrate my case studies and I ended up watching movie and went to bed at 1:30am.

Nov 2nd…again we are having clear sky and sunny day !!!

Didn’t feel good this afternoon, because of bad headache. Oh!! Well that’s natural thing isn’t it? While winter is approaching soon!! getting sick and having cold is normal in the winter time I guess. Today I don’t have a class but my final projects are killing me!!! Being a group leader sometimes is another headache. So I decided to go to the library and do the service marketing project. Which as you know take forever!!!! And guess what our presentation is going to be next week (Nov 8th). Hopefully we are going to be able to finish by this weekend. If our group member showed up on the time.. that’s a another good/bad sign!! Now I realized being a MBA student it’s not easy, reading 25-30 pages case and present in the class and top of that doing the group project is another hell!!! If your group member is out of control!!! You know what I am talking about….
Anyway, it’s already getting too late now and my stomach is crying…